Confessions of an idiotic shopaholic

2 weeks ago, I was on a quest for the perfect AFFORDABLE trench – no 2795.00$ Burberry trench for me – and I settled on (what I assume is) a lovely trench coat witha  big bow in the back off eBay from good ol’ China. This morning I check my tracking number (for the 300th time today) and realize that it’s being delivered but it’s in the wrong town. Hmmmm strange, let’s double check my receipt from my eBay transaction. Oh look at that, when I moved 2 years ago, I forgot to update my eBay address in my account info. LOVELY. Assuming I can have the package delivered to an alternate address (and hoping that no one is home at my old address to steal my lovely coat) I give Canada Post a call. After 10 mins of elevator music, did you know you can have  your own personalized photo stamps made? for more information, visit their website! I find out from a customer service representative that they CANNOT redirect the package and that if they refuse the package, it’s going alllll the way back to HONK KONG.

Isn’t that peachy? Now I wait to find out if the package was brought to the post office where I can take a bus after work for 45 mins in the WRONG direction to pick it up and then another hour and half/2 hours to get home after that. And for the cherry on top of my lovely banana split, my ipod was already warning me this morning of a low battery. Now we wait and stare at the tracking page…


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