Etsy Photoshoot part 2

A few more pictures from the photoshoot yesterday. There are a lot… and a lot of them are new items for my etsy store that I have yet to post. I am hoping to get some of them on etsy this week and I will update the blog accordingly.

So that leaves only 2 pictures of items that are actually up for sale on Etsy.

Brown leather jacket (available here)

Small black leather jacket (available here)


And in case any of you were curious about my ebay canada post wrong address story… I went last week… the LOVELY (sarcasm) lady behind the counter at the post office refused to give me my package without proof of address.. my medicare card would not do. Went back Sunday only to find out the post office was closed on Sundays. Since they keep the packages 15 days, I wil lmost likely be heading there yet again after work on Wednesday. This jacket better be effin cute for all this work!



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