Ready for some serious trenching!

Great news on this sunny (atleast I’m assuming it’s sunny, there aren’t any windows anywhere near my desk at work – yeah I know, depressing right?) I finally got my Ebay trench (!!!!!)

I managed to find some old papers with my previous address on them and waited very nervously in line at the post office yesterday evening hoping that the “lady” aka pain in my ass (SAME ONE AS LAST TIME!) would not give me trouble for having a proof of address that was 2 years old. I’m sure I looked extremely guilty with beads of sweat on my forehead and shifty eyes. I really should have pulled the collar up on my jacket and kept my sunglasses on, that would not at all have looked suspicious…

So after some confusion on her part – I say I’m picking up a package, she thinks I’m sending a package? I don’t know but she looks over at Mandy as if to say this girl doesnt know what the hell she is talking about. I really don’t like this woman. And after comparing for a good minute the address on the package to my proof of address, she finally said “OK”. I almost didn’t know what to do, I was in shock. And then I ran away before she could change her mind… except there was no running because Mandy would not have cooperated and I most likely would have just fallen on my face.

I hope to get some pictures of the trench up tonight but I really cannot be satisfied with photos from my point and shoot anymore since i’ve had my hands on my sister’s beast and had a go at editing said beast’s photos. So we’ll see.

I just hate posting with no pictures, who wants to read a post full of words? I don’t even think I would take the time to read this! Sorry guys.


Side note: I am chopping off all my hair soon, the only thing holding me back is a project for my photoshop class that I will need photos for and I need to have long hair in them. After that, CHOP CHOP!!!!

If any of you are like me and are slightly addicted to Gene Simmons Family Jewels (no, I am not addicted to his “family jewels” wink wink, I am talking about the show!) you may have noticed Nick’s girlfriend Rose at some time. Her hair is so damn cute. I found this picture of her online. It’s not quite what I liked on the episode I saw but it is still adorable.

Yay a picture!!!


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