Oomph – the activeness of an energetic personality

So I was just thinking. www.fabsugar.com is really what made me start wanting to put more effort into my outfits and take pictures of them to show the world. I used to visit this site on a daily (ok, hourly) basis a couple of years ago. They have this thing called Look of the day, and anybody can post a look of themselves and describe what they are wearing. Someone is picked every day or so from the looks. I really hadn’t thought about this site for a while until I got a message via the site regarding my looks inspired by celebs.

Getting a message from a complete stranger who was genuinely interested in my versions of celebrity style was an eye opener. I thought wow I really should do something about my interest in fashion. And thus was born this blog.

Since I started this guy, (gal?) I have been obsessively (yeah everything i do is obsessively, it’s time you learn the truth) looking at a select few blogs that inspire me and it just increases my desire to make my own version.

Now back to the point of my story! I posted my Alfred Sung look from a few posts ago in the look of the day group on fabsugar just for fun since it had been a while.  And I just noticed today that it was chosen for look of the day on Tuesday!

How funnnnn!


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