Made the bus in seconds FLAT

Lately I’ve been determined to wear my work shoes TO and FROM work rather than change. Since I started this job back in August, my heel collection has grown both in size and in height. But when winter came quickly around the corner, I had my winter boots to wear outside and left a small collection of heels at work. Now that spring is in the air, I’m attempting to get my feet used to being in heels all day. Because really, what is the point of me dressing up all nicely for work and throwing  dingy boots on my feet.

When summer gets here, I can throw on some flat fancy sandals and that will be fine, but for spring, fall and chilly summer days, I need to figure something out. (Not to mention on weekends when I go do errands walking everywhere)

Here are a few ideas that I think are comfortable but still cute enough to not bring my outfit down, especially when I am constantly rushing out the door to catch my bus at 7AM!

This is really tough because i’m really not a fan of ballet flats

The mouse ones? TO DIE FOR!


3 thoughts on “Made the bus in seconds FLAT

  1. love keds too. It’s a shame you’re not my size I could just lend you my mouse ones… I paid way too much for them.

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