roll it over and move on up

I am still so happy that Matt bought himself rollerblades. It’s great to have something to do together that doesnt involve the couch!

It felt so nice to change into leggings and a long shirt after a day in heels and nylons.
Although I cannot stand when people wear leggings as pants with short tops, I do enjoy them with a long shirt that covers the butt.

This is Matt taking a picture of my chest.

Shirt – Pure by Alfred Sung
Leggings – F21
Jacket/sweater – Old Navy

Matt being an “athlete”

Another rainbow!
Snapped this on my phone on my way home today.


3 thoughts on “roll it over and move on up

  1. ah ha Matt im one step closer to to getting to know him now…hahaha i still think your his big bird to his snuffalufagus!!!!! lol(if you don’t get my geeky ref: it’s because for the longest time on sesame street big bird was the only one who could see Snuffy…lol )

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