Making all his nowhere plans

I have so much I want to do this weekend, that photoshop project is getting closer and closer and having an idea in your head is a good start but there are so many other things I need to do (only 3 more weeks!)

So this weekend’s to do list:

  • Find a baby blue dress (ideally thrifted)
  • Look for photoshoot props
    (pink plastic flamingos would be amazing but lets not hold our breath)
  • Return jacket at Zellers
    (and possibly check out Alfred Sung collection at the same time…)
  • Take pictures of etsy items that are sitting in a giant pile waiting to be sold
  • Edit and post above pictures on Etsy (this can be time consuming)
  • Go rollerblading with Matt in Lachine
    and maybe get some good background photos for my project.
  • Clean (what’s new?)
  • Pack and mail jacket I sold on Etsy yesterday
  • Clean out fridge

Wow making lists makes you realize how much you need to do.
If I were smart, I would write these down and cross them out when done…


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