Good Day Sunshine

I almost walked right past these beautiful pink flowers today. I had to snap a picture with my phone.

Such a productive day! I’ve cleaned, worked on my etsy store, visited the salvation army. While at the Salvation army, I picked up a few things thinking it was 50% off today… once I got to the cash and the guy punched in all my stuff I found out it was next week. (DAMN) So I just bought everything at full price – which isn’t really expensive.

The most notable purchase was these 8$ Steve Madden Clogs. I hadn’t been fond of the clog trend but I have been warming up to it after seeing a few looks I actually enjoyed a lot. It definitely helps that they are a nude color and not too crazy looking.

I also got some Zara pants, Armani shorts, 2 necklaces, a bag and a dress for my photoshoot that is going to need a lot of work.  Now imagine if all of that was 50% off… oh well, I’m supporting the salvation army. I should volunteer there, maybe I could get a discount! (AND FIRST DIBS!)

P.s. I’m trying some new photo effects to give my pictures a little bit more of a vintage style.


2 thoughts on “Good Day Sunshine

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