Here, there and everywhere

I’ve got an outfit post and a food post all wrapped into one. What more could you ask for!

Today is nearing its end, Sunday afternoons are so depressing. Although I like my job, I would be much happier sleeping in till 10:00 every morning, spending the day with my dog , going out taking pictures, watching tv and blogging. Of course that would make me broke and I wouldnt be able to buy new clothes to blog about. (nor pay rent) 

Today involved more shopping (not my fault, matt wanted to go and I needed to return something) Sadly, I couldnt return what I wanted to and ended up spending money. My intentions were good, I swear!

Okay, back to business. This is what I wore out shopping today:

Since it wouldn’t be very professional for me to wear torn up bf jeans to work on casual fridays, I take advantage of weekends to wear these.

And as promised, here are the food pictures! This is a small place Matt showed me last year, apparently their burgers are amazing but I couldnt say! Their curly fry poutines are definitely good for the non meat eaters.  This “cantine” is completely random, on the side of the highway beside a ghetto motel. It should be on Diners, Drive ins and Dives.

Let’s not forget the waterbeds in the motel right beside it!

There are our 2 poutines and hamburger with special sauce (a meaty sloppy joe sauce) and those may look like pancakes but it’s just a flattened bun!

What I’m wearing
PacSun jeans
F21 Tank Top
Zara Sandals from last summer
TeenFlo Blazer
Necklace from Salvation Army

3 thoughts on “Here, there and everywhere

  1. why did this just pop up as a new post??? i thought you were using a photo as a blast from the past because you didn’t get any new photos of your outfit.. but then you didn’t say that. AND you have long hurr. wtf emily?! AM I IN THE TWILIGHT ZONE?!

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