What I Wore & Snow


The weather outside is frightful, and there is no delightful fire inside for me! Despite the horrible weather, I have a lovely ensemble to showcase for you all. I got these Zara pants at Salvation Army (can’t beat 4$ pants) and last night I had a vision that they would look good with a dark top and some heels. I’ve been meaning to stock up my closet with some safari-esque colored clothing and these pants fit the bill. I am starting to get an abundance of high waist tapered pants. If you had told me this a year ago I would have said NOT POSSIBLE. But here I am!

These are not the shoes I wore to work, I wore my green ones from here they are almost the exact same shade of green as the pants, it’s like it was meant to be!

What I’m wearing:
top – old from Simons (I had to check the tag, I had no idea)
belt – F21
pants – Zara (salvation army)
shoes – Zellers ($7.50)


4 thoughts on “What I Wore & Snow

  1. I LOVE YOUR BELT>>>>>plz Find me one…..your area has much better selection in styles than mine!!! Seriously HOT HUN!!!

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