Break dance




I checked out the new style exchange on my break from class. (Good ol Friday night classes) and they had a little burgundy inside… that store has so many things I want! I didn’t dare look at the jeffrey campbells… I would have died a little walking away. Ok since I’m back in class and blogging from my phone, let’s cut this short!

Here are some sneaky pics I took. Keds, vans, toms, I need flats but can I commit to flat shoes? I can’t decide yet. I need to try more on or maybe i’ll just wait till it’s warm enough for sandals? I just don’t know if I can deal with little shoes. (Unless I find some for 5$ then I won’t care) I usually just wear boots when I need flats but that leaves me with moccasins and shorts/dresses [not that i’m against that] … do I need to broaden my horizons?

p.s. How great is this Wrodpress app for my phone?


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