Alice in Wonderland

I’m working on a project for my photoshop class and of course I have to go a little overboard with it…

It will be Alice in wonderland themed. I won’t give too much away because you will see the end result in a 2 weeks when it is due, assuming I manage to do what is in my mind.

These are some of the shots we took, I have a lot of photoshopping to do to them but I’m glad to finally have some pictures to work with. My aunt’s bathroom was completely improvised, I got a sudden inspiration when I walked in and I knew I had to use it. If I can do what’s in my head, it’s going to look amazing!

We took about 140 pictures so I have to go through them to find the best ones, I have a lot of work to do!

Thank you to my sister Steph for helping me out!

When I wasn’t wearing the blue dress, this is what I wore. These pants/shorts cost me 4$ and they are really fun. They are a bit Harem style but minus the whole drooping butt! (I have a growing obsession with high waist and pleats)

Here is a pic of my mommy and other sister Tracey. She said she wanted to be on the blog so here you go Trace!

Cuuuuute ladies!

What I’m wearing:
top – billabong
pearl necklace – thrifted
pants – thrifted zara
chunky bracelet – thrifted


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