Sunday in pictures

How crazy is it that I saw like 5 snails on my walk in the tiny woods by my place. So weird but their shells were so pretty. Taking these pictures made me homesick of the town I grew up in. Why did I wait so long to get a DSLR? Oh right cuz they are freakishly expensive.

Whoever invented high waists is a genius.

I want to spend my whole summer in Steve & Kelly’s back yard eating BBQ

Hurley realllllly wanted to climb on the couch. Isn’t he so cute? we matched.

The weather was very deceiving, they said stormy for today but it ended up being beautiful for most of the day. Luckily I still got to enjoy the day. Matt and I went to visit friends to watch the hockey game (GO HABS) and have a BBQ. I love thse red Gap shorts I got at a  church basement sale. I see why they loved high waist everything in the 70s!

You may not have noticed but I am actually wearing red white and blue to support the Canadiens.

What I wore:
tank top – Quiksilver
shorts – vintage Gap
sandals – Zara


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