Swim Until You Can’t See Land

My sister and I went to see Frightened Rabbit last night. Please enjoy these Scottish boys and their addictive song!

What a long night! I’m getting too old to go to rock shows on Monday nights. Despite the fact that I woke up an hour later than usual since I slept at my sister’s, I am feeling the wine/beer/late night.

The band was really good – when they eventually got on stage. It was after 10:00 by the time the band I wanted to see started playing (who knew there were 2 opening bands??)  Still a good show nonetheless.

Steph and I had a spur of the moment photoshoot on the walk from her place. I am so jealous, she has so many awesome photoshoot areas, like this gorgeous graffiti.

I borrowed steph’s skirt to go out, isn’t it fitting to wear a plaid skirt to a Scottish band? I thought so. I’m also really embracing the overuse of chunky jewelry. I keep seeing it on blogs and I had to try it. I think I did well for a first time.

I love the combination of metal and pearls. And with a crisp white blouse, awesome if I do say so myself.

What I’m wearing
top – TeenFlo
skirt – borrowed
boots – Zara (too small, hurt my feet haha)
necklaces – thrifted and F21
bracelet – thrifted


2 thoughts on “Swim Until You Can’t See Land

  1. I feel fine! :P
    Nice pics, I found some other graffiti next to the abandonned lot, with broken bricks etc, for next time!

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