hair and food

Ok so I have nothing really fashion to talk about today. If I have the energy when I get home, I MAY take some pics of my outfit (wearing the clogs today!)

What I will talk about first is food. I go through phases where I try to eat healthier, cutting out this or that. I made a quick salad last night for my lunch today – consisting of lettuce, spinach and cucumber –  what a crappy salad. (I had nothing else to go in it) It’s very bitter. Am I the only one who’s mood is affected by what she eats for lunch at work?

Now that I’m done complaining about my disapointing lunch, let’s talk about my hair. Now that I’ve got the long haired photos for my Alice in wonderland project, I can cut it. Egad!  I want to cut it, but I don’t want to cut it. When it’s long, I want it short. When it’s short, I want it long. Right now, it’s pissing me off with its scraggliness but I’m also due for a trim.

This is what I had decided I wanted. I don’t even know how it came about, could be because of Pink, I absolutely love her and her hair.

This is Sarah Harding. She’s a british pop star. I love her hair.


I havent had my hair that short in a few years so I’m starting to get nervous. I NEED to change my hair, it’s just too boring for me right now, I need something that stands out more, everyone has long hair these days, so I need to do something that is different.

But is it wrong for me to cut off my curly hair?? It won’t be curly when it’s short, I already know that… AND I will have to straighten it more often… 

I’ve had short hair before so I’m not worried about that. It’s just a bit chop!

I think I will make my appointment next weekend or the one after.

summer 2005


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