short and sweet

Going through my college years photo album looking for pictures of me with short hair sure brings back memories. Sadly it reminds me of all the fun times and how our little group split up so much. I met so many amazing people in those 3 (and a half…) years and I am so happy I did even though I paid no attention in school! Skipping class and tanning outside with the girls was just so much fun. Life changes so much, it feels like just yesterday but it was almost 6 years ago we finished college.

I think this picture was taken in 2003. I don’t even recognize myself! This is probably the closest to what I’m going to be doing to my hair. I think I may still have this shirt though, that would be fantastic! This post also reminds me that since the invention of facebook, I hardly ever print pictures and put them in albums, I need to do that soon. looking through physical photo albums is just so much more enjoyable.

By the way, I miss you friends!


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