bathing in dots

I returned an Alfred Sung jacket after work today and of course I had to look around to see if I “needed” to pick anything else up. After looking in the bathing suit section, I picked up 2 adorable one pieces to try on. Unfortunately the striped cream and navy one was just not flattering enough so I had to put it aside and only buy the polka dot one. It’s for the best… sigh…

I had been eying a really cute Quiksilver monokini but I couldn’t bring myself to spend the 100$.  Now I have one for half the price!

What’s best about this bathing suit is that the thin straps can be removed which makes it perfect for avoiding tan lines!

**Am I the only one completely addicted to Alfred Sung’s pure line? I honestly have to stop myself from buying more when I’m there. I almost bought a top that is just like Miu Miu’s  swallow print that I am seeing everywhere but if I ever want to pay off my credit card, I need to learn how to say no. I kinda wish I had bought it tho… (AHH NO, bad Emily!!!)**


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