Woe is me

Sad news friends. I called to make an appointment for a hair coloring this week and a cut with my hair dresser next week only to find out she is leaving on vacation for 3 weeks as of Monday.

I just can’t bring myself to have another one of the girls at Aveda cut my hair, it’s just too much of a huge cut (80% of my hair will be gone). Honestly, Andrea has only cut my hair twice but I was just so happy and she really LISTENS and gives suggestions, it’s so refreshing and she is just so nice (she gives me the cheek kiss kiss when I leave!!!!)

So now I have an appointment Thursday night for a color. But since my photoshop project is due Monday, I think it might be smarter to just reschedule that closer to the cut. I don’t want month old roots when I finally get the cut)

I am so disappointed, after all this planning and calculating and researching hair cuts, I have to WAIT.

OKAY moving onto other things… above is a picture I snapped at the salvation army on my way home. (NO I didn’t buy anything, I was just killing time waiting for my bus) Since I almost did a part of my photoshop project based on that scene from Alice in wonderland, it really caught my eye. I didn’t buy it – Matt would have murdered me – but I had to take a picture, its just so delightfully tacky!

What I’m wearing:
Jacket – Micheal Kors
tights – thrifted
boots – vintage via Etsy


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