Surprise! I’m albino

no more hair colorrrrrrrrr. As I mentioned in a past post, my hairdresser is on vacation for 3 weeks starting monday and my plan WAS to get it dyed super blonde this week and cut next week. (one shock at a time) I couldnt bring myself to cancel my coloring after I found out that the cut would have to wait so I just went ahead and did it anyways.

I’m not sure how I feel yet. My innitial reaction to the wet fried mop was OMG WHAT HAVE I DONE!!!! Once partially dried, my hysteria wore off… I had to not freak out all the people around me saying how nice it looked. easy for you to say miss brown hair. Honestly though, it’s 10:15. I just got home, I haven’t had dinner. they only partially dried my hair which means it looks like a half ass attempt at straightening since my hair likes to be wavy. So I haven’t  fully made up my mind yet. Tomorrow I will either tie it up to avoid everyone at work reacting to my blindingly blonde hair or perhaps wash it and see how it looks curly. I’m really holding onto the idea that I will love it curly. please please please. or else its a month of grumpy emily till it gets cut. then possibly a year of grumpy emily till it grows out if the cut doesn’t make me happy.

So this is the only picture you get. Until I spend some time on it and make it perfect and put on a cute outfit and take some pictures. It’s a little more yellow than I wanted… I was hoping for ZERO yellow as i told them… but I guess that would make my hair white and that would not have helped my shock.

Ok time to find food so I don’t starve to death tomorrow and then go stare in the mirror a little longer.

bonne nuit!


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