Just a quickie

I have to work on my photoshop project (due tomorrow!) so this post will be short. We went out last night for a friend’s bachelorette. It was very tame – no strippers – but it was great to spend time with friends from out of town.

I have no pictures from the night since I lent my friend my camera battery since hers died.

My hair is so blond(is there are an e at the end of blond?)!! I keep forgetting. I made a quick trip to F21 on my way home Friday night to get something to wear out. Picked up this vest, tank top and some rings. I love cheap stuff and I’m well aware they wont last me forever but that’s A-OK!

And if you are wondering about those GORGE boots, they were given to me and I never even had a chance to wear them. The heel is 4.5 inches so they are a little intimidating. Honestly though, apart from the lack of arch support for my flat feet, they are SO comfortable! Gotta love well made shoes.

What I’m wearing:
tank top and vest – F21
leggings – H&M
boots – Micheal Kors
ring – F21


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