Celebrate good times, COME ON!

I think a little celebratory dance is in order. I handed in my photoshop project tonight. It was all smooth sailing… NOT.

First of all, I forgot my damn printed photos at home this morning after I purposely put them in my purse last night in order to not forget. But I took them out to put food in my purse and then forgot to put them back in… good job Emily. On my lunch break I finished up the rest of the work, made a cover page and wrote my teacher a nice little note.  Realized before leaving work I accidentally had 2 layers hidden when I saved my file to a Jpeg. Had to resave and resend to Walmart. Printed the rest of the stuff out, headed to walmart, picked up my prints and a duo-tang to put it all in. Did a detour to school to drop everything off and BAM! finito. Don’t look back.

Without further delay, I present to you my 3 projects:

Click on images to see a larger size

All photos are property of Emily Leclerc


If I had had unlimited time to work on these, I would have improved them even more (I’m my worst critic) but I am satisfied with them, there just wasn’t enough time to satisfy my perfectionism. (is that a word?) I’d love to hear what you guys think : ). Let’s hope my teacher likes them – 60% of my grade!

Good night my friends!


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