Exciting Stuff!

A friend of mine just sent me a link to a contest for a blogger job. This is so exciting. I have to make a video (in french) talking about why I would be the perfect candidate and the top 10 with the most votes from everyday people go on to the finals where they pick one person! it’s a 6 month contract and it seems like something that would be so exciting. Sadly the contest has been open a few days and some people already have over 500 votes! (YIKES!) so I need to get cracking on this!!! I need to find an original way to show that I’m perfect for the job. Think think think!!!
Once my video is made, I’ll let you guys know where to go and vote.

If you guys have any ideas, let me know!

This is so exciting!!! :)

ok back to work!

p.s. It’s about FASHION. (thanks steph) How amazing is that? I’m all about fashion hahaha.


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