You can go vote now!

So much for thinking I had a bunch of free time now that my class is over…
Last night I spent my whole evening (4 hours) trying to make a video for the Simons blogger contest.
This contest is to be the Simons Twik blogger, a contract of 6 months (payed). It would be such an amazing opportunity since my new found love of blogging.
Unfortunately the contest started 4 days ago and the way to go on to the next level is by most votes. This means that some of the other contestants already have 500+ votes from the past 4 days. Since I didnt want to waste any time, I made a really quick video in Windows movie maker. I had never even used this program before but it’s pretty straight forward. I decided that I would make a slideshow type video with all my looks from my blog and put some quaint happy music in the background. Just finding the song was hard enough!!
I think I did well enough considering it was rushed but the other videos are obviously done by someone who knows a thing or 2 about video editing. Sadly mine does not compare but if I can get enough votes to be in teh top 10, I can go to the interview and really show what I have to offer.
Here is the link: (it’s in french but not too complicated if you don’t speak the language)
In the link, click on my video (the one with Emily Leclerc below the image) and then click on “je vote pour cette video”.
 Then you HAVE to go into your email and click on the link they send you to confirm your vote. if you don’t confirm through the email they send you after you vote, then your vote doesnt count.
If you have more than one email address, you can vote more than once!
I really appreciate all your help!
p.s. I have a new outfit post I will update tonight! :)
p.p.s. Ive decided to set up a flickr account! This goes with my whole phasing out facebook plan.  This way I won’t get angry messages from friends for deleting pictures of them. (ahem Kayley) And maybe eventually I can completely delete my facebook account!

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