And this bird you cannot change

My bike! I only have partial custody when I go visit my parents since that’s where he lives : (

Guys! I saved a pigeon (at least temporarily) tonight! I know most of you think “why would you save a rat with wings, gross” but I think it’s because Im a farm girl at heart. I can’t see an animal (carrying diseases or not) suffering without feeling pity. I can’t see anyone/anything suffering, lets be honest here.

My baby, Hurley xoxox

Back to the story… Matt and I went for a walk and at the street corner there was a pigeon on the side of the road just below the sidewalk and cars were driving by and it was just walking slowly out of the way but not flying or even hopping up onto the sidewalk. I grabbed matt and told him we couldnt keep walking, we would scare it into traffic!! (I was freakin out) Matt kept walking despite my “iron grip” on his arm and a few cars stopped at the lights inches from this poor pigeon. I couldnt not do anything! I walked onto the road between the stopped cars and tried to coax it onto the sidewalk and it just shook there, poor guy. So i took my scarf and picked him up and plopped him on the grass.

The whole rest of the walk I was worried about this damn pigeon… I’m still worried about the damn pigeon. I hope nothing comes and eats him. Well that’s really all the excitement I encountered today.

I threw in some pictures because we all know that text is pretty boring without pretty pictures!

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4 thoughts on “And this bird you cannot change

  1. As I was scrolling down I thought hurley had eaten it or something… that would have been more exciting lol. But I feel ya, I could never walk away from a suffering anything.. that’s pretty normal, no?

  2. Literally what I would’ve done, right down to using the scarf to pick it up.. and fretting over the poor thing because obviously you can’t bring a pigeon home, and I’m pretty sure the vet would laugh at me, but you’re exactly right-no animal deserves to suffer. Except snakes. they can all slither off a cliff.

    Ps. your first comment made me honestly laugh out loud. which caused my cat who was sleeping peacefully on my lap to leap up, scratching my thigh. Emily-1, Merl-0

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