I should just live on my balcony

If anyone wants to give me a million dollars so that I can hang out on my balcony all day blogging and not working, I would have NO PROBLEM with that. But then again, if I had a million $, id get a house and 100 acres of land. Imagine the outfit shots I could do if I lived in 100 acres? it would be endless, a new tree in every picture!

I sit here listening to Missy Higgins with the spring weather and sun setting at my back. Could this be any better? Yes it could, if I had some alcoholic drink, like a Margarita! I’d even settle for a rum & coke but we have no coke! I havent taken any outfit posts in a few days, my bad, I just cant help jumping into jogging pants when I get home.

So you guys will have to be satisfied with these pictures from my webcam. Doesnt it look like my balcony is so tranquil in that first picture? WRONG. It’s unfortunately right by a major boulevard, stupid cars.

See? cars and pavement and sidewalks and all that caca stuff. Lately I’ve been yearning to be out of the city. Thankfully tomorrow night I’m going down to my dad’s till Monday night, thank goodness for long weekends! I shall be enjoying old friends, alcomahol, bike rides on my 3-speeder, my dad’s movie channels (time to catch up on all those movies I haven’t seen, fingers crossed for sex and the city 1!! – that was me pretending to be sarcastic yet in real life I actually do need to see this movie eventually- How can I have a blog about style and not know every single detail about carrie bradshaw???) Eating outside in the yard, (Im still naming things I will be enjoying if you lost my train of thought), watching Hurley jump in the stream and pretend he’s swimming when really he’s just walking in the water, poor scaredy cat doggy.

Unfortunately some friends will be out of town for Gloria’s party but I still have my midget!

I feel so weird posting webcam pictures, I feel like I should be 13 and on myspace. Don’t judge me! In other news, this morning I was getting dress frantically because I was going to miss my stupid bus and I couldn’t find one of my shoes! just one. So frustrating. Why was it under my desk???

So in conclusion, (sorry Merl, couldn’t help it, felt so fitting, i needed to sum up my post) a) Im going to be home tomorrow so don’t worry everyone. b) when I get to my dad’s, it’s dialup time. yup that still exists. Unless I go to a cafe with wifi, i’ll need to see if there even is one in town hahaha. BUT if I don’t, there wont be much blogging. There’s always my smartphone. And as I mentioned, I’ll be home tomorrow so I don’t know why I’m still talking about this. I think I’m bored and procrastinating cleaning. Where is my margarita?

that’s it friends. Hope you all have a good Friday night, hopefully more exciting than my webcam picture taking night!

p.s. shit i forgot!

p.p.s. I’m so slow, it’s now dark out so here is a picture of some of my solar lanterns.

I swear i’ll take some non shitty ones with the DSRL eventually.




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