Weekend recap- Saturday

I for one think that 3 day weekends should come around more often (as in once a week). It was so nice being out of the city for a few days, takin it easy with my baby hurley. As expected, I took a lot of pictures with my camera (getting my moneys worth!)

The weekend was spent lounging in the backyard, playing with my dog, watching movies (at night when the sun went down) spending time with old friends and eating good food and wine.

After spending Saturday cleaning the apt, got a lift down with my dad in the evening. I threw on this dress Matt’s mom gave me and added a brown belt and wooden bracelets to give it a little extra je ne sais quoi and threw in my sandals I will soon wear to oblivion. So perfect for a really hot day and a car ride with no A/C!

After dinner I went out for a walk and decided to walk by Allen’s parents’ place, god knows why. Took some pretty pictures along the walk and ran into some friends at the house.  After really awkard how are yous, I hopped in my friend’s pickup and we headed to the cantine to meet others. (true story, pickup and cantine!) It was really fun hanging out with the guys, eating all their fries (yes I’m a poet)  and just joking around and being stupid.

(the 3 stooges)

They were making fun of my sandals (yeah crazy city girl with her crazy city sandals, that’s me!) So I told them I was going to photoshop their heads on something embarrassing. I’m still not sure what yet but I made sure I had pictures of all of their faces.  These boys crack me up, I laughed and blushed about 95% of the time I was with them.

And then I went home and watched…. wait for it… SATC the movie!!! Yayyyyy. holy crap that movie’s long. I started it around 10 and only finished it around 1:00. It was good, a little exceptionally corny at times. “Oh my ex boyfriend and I ran into each other on new years and now we’re getting married” It was still good tho. There was a lot of “I need to try that look” and an equal amount of “what were they thinking???”.

What I wore:
dress – gift
belt – thrifted
bracelets – thrifted
sandals – Zara from 1 or 2 summers ago


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