Etsy Interview

Good day to you all! I hope everyone is in an air conditioned building this week because it’s a doozy out there. (Feels Like: 38 °C/100°F according to the weather network) I have something new for you guys today. This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. As an etsy seller, I wanted to interview other sellers I know and let everyone know a little about them. As I was thinking of who to interview first, I realized I’ve never really said too much about my own etsy store on here so I will be the special first guest… on my own blog. Yup, it’s all about me me me me me me.


Vintage items (bags, shoes, clothing, accessories)

I opened my shop  in March of 2009. The first day I listed an item, I woke up the next day and my item had already sold. You can imagine my shock and delight. I knew that it was a good sign that I wasn’t wasting my time. Since I have a full time job and also go to school one night a week, I don’t put as much time and effort into my store as I would like. I have a ton of things waiting to be photographed and listed but for now, my priorities are just all over the place. I’m hoping to get some new stuff up next week.

I had been shopping on etsy for years (original handmade gifts for others,  vintage items for myself) and kept thinking I should get in on the fun. (not to mention make a few extra bucks) I think I only made like a 4$ profit the first time, hahaha. Estimating shipping is not always easy.

I was already an avid thrifter (mostly due to my college days when I had no money) I just keep an eye out for anything that catches my eye. The hardest is parting with gems I find.  (like this guy) I try to keep up with fashion trends so I know what to look for and assume if I like it, someone else probably will to!

In 5 years, I would love to sell vintage full time. That would be amazing, you have no idea. I would have a house (I HOPE!) and my own room for a studio.  Ok time to start saving for EARLY retirement!!!

I think that’s enough shameless self promotion for one day. Next etsy interview will be someone other than me, I promise.

On a side note, I tried cleaning last night but with the heat, I really wasnt motivated at all. Matt and I went to Harveys for dinner just to get into an air conditioned building. I made the mistake of getting a whole wheat bun for my veggie burger. I was caught by suprise when he asked which I wanted, I panicked and said whole wheat. Don’t do this, it takes away from the greatness of the burger. (especially if like me you only have fast food burgers once every few months).

Tonight I’m going to visit my aunt in the hospital so hopefully when I get home after I will have a chance to do some cleaning or else stop somewhere and pick up supplies. As long as I do a little every day, I won’t have to panic the day of my party.


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