Busy as a mother friggin bee

Party is in 2 days! every spare moment has been used up with preparations these past few days.

Here are some pictures from the Monday. I hadn’t had a chance to sit and edit yet so I did these quick quick since I hadn’t posted a look in a few days.

My TOMS shoes’ first appearance! AND by the way, I was at the supermarket tonight and saw a girl with red ones. I liked them online and I wanted to steal them from this girls’ feet and make a run for it. She looked like she had bigger feet than my size 6 though so I stopped myself.

One more day of work then it’s prep-prep-prep! I need to go buy ingredients and alcohol, I need to set up decorations… I need to sleep at some point along the way… I can’t wait to get some pics of my decorations, lets hope they turn out well. My sisters are stopping by early Saturday evening to decorate. Should be fun!

What I Wore:
dress – Roxy
shoes – Toms
bracelets – Vintage

p.s. that last picture is so akward but I needed one that showed my shoes… no laughing!


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