These days get so long and I got nothing to do

That is a complete lie!

I had the lyrics “these days get so long and I” stuck in my head and I knew it was a counting crows song and that I wanted to use it as my post title. Then I googled it and realized that “I got nothing to do” didn’t really make sense but it was too late, I am stubborn so it shall stay.

Today was lonnnng. I left home at 7:15 AM and got home at 6:45 PM. (this is normal) then I cleaned for 3 hours, brought the dog for a walk and then had supper at 10PM. That cannot be healthy. Oh and I also ate half a bag of jelly bellys which contained NO WATERMELON flavored ones! Not a happy camper.

Back to “business”… I finished cleaning the bathroom and spare room today. I’m thinking I put a padlock on the bedroom and leave that hurricane affected area to stay disasterly. That way if I have a panic attack from too much cleanliness I can sneak in there. Good plan?

The fam sadly can’t come here for dinner tomorrow so we are having a dinner Sunday at my aunts’ instead. This unfortunately means I have to wait another day for presents.  This also means that I cleaned my appartment more than I ever have and they wont get to see it in all its glory. (ill bring them pictures – this is why I need a polaroid camera matt!!!) He didn’t understand when I suggested he get me one for my bday. “But you already have a really good camera, why would I buy you a polaroid??” “It’s not the same!!!” Maybe you have to be an artist to understand that? Oh well…

I took a friend at work’s suggestion and bought a watermelon and made a hole, left it upside down overnight and then shoved a vodka bottle upside down in the hole. (That sounds rather dirrrrtay) and he said 24 hours. When I wanted to make sure I was doing it right, I did a search on the internet and the site said it can take UP TO A WEEK TO ABSORB. soooo we MAY be having regular non alcoholic watermelon – I know, who wants that right?

I’m done my rambling for the night. I really should get to bed I need to do a lot tomorrow.


One thought on “These days get so long and I got nothing to do

  1. Hi! I came across your blog when reading your comment from Delightfully Tacky’s post on sponsored bloggers. I just wanted to comment back that I agree w you. When I see posts reviewing a product or a giveaway on my bloglovin I usually treat it like spam. Delete! : P

    It bums me out because the number of new posts diminishes significantly. Haha. In anycase I just want to commend you on raising that point.

    Will be backreading your blog now! :)

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