Birthday part 1 of 2

Hellllo world. I have survived my first hosted party. Matt didn’t come out quite as well as me but I’m sure a nice long nap will solve that!

I got this dress from Modcloth and the reviews said it was really thin but I had no idea it was roll into a ball and tuck in your pocket thin! Luckily I got it on sale, I just loved the pattern so much. But it looked much sturdier onlineĀ  for a 50$ dress (plus insane shipping to Canada). I wouldn’t have bought it if I wasn’t already buying something else for someone. I probably should have just gone to Sirens or F21 and gotten something for 20-30$ and no shipping. You live you learn right? Solution: stop going on their site and drooling over their stuff, it’s very often cheaper elsewhere!!

My 2 awesome sisters came over early to help decorate, they did a great job! We made spinach artichoke dip, some appetizers, a big bowl of mango lime sangria (which was a huge hit!). My sister brought raspberry squares, a friend brought some cream cheese pepper rolls. And the best part, JELLO SHOTS. I now know that 60 jello shots for 15 people is definitely not enough! I made 30 more when I realized they were going fast and those didn’t last long either. They were so yummy though.

My sister made this amazing necklace with matching earrings and bracelet. She needs to make more of these for her etsy store! HINT HINT

Sisters, all with different hair colors.

This seemed like a good idea… Damn weakling sisters!

Thank you to everyone who stopped by. Wish you all lived closer so you could have stayed longer!

I’m going to be adding the rest of the pictures to my Flickr.

Tonight is dinner with the family.



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