Birthday part 2

On Sunday (my actual birth day) I had dinner with the family. I don’t know how this outfit came about. I think this was one of those random throwing together of things with a delightful end result.

I asked for money for my birthday (to make up for my G & a half I spent on my camera) so I only got a few presents but they were all great! Thank you family! I ended up taking home so many leftovers… I’m excited to have cake and pie again tonight!!!

See that long pony tail? It’s only going to exist for another 12 days then chop chop!! I’m getting impatient (Andrea get back from vacation!) but also going to be nervous, I haven’t had my hair super short in 6 years!

Ok dinner time, I hope you all have a good evening!

P.s. Monday is over guys, just 4 more days! (and possibly overtime… unpaid overtime, the best kind!…)

T-shirt – Quiksilver
Blazer – TeenFlo
Jeans – from Winners
shoes – Toms
Necklace – Thrifted
Headband – F21


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