Does anyone else want to live INSIDE this photograph?
source: SimplyBloom Photography

On Sunday, I bought some patent red pumps at Winners. They are Steve Madden and only 49.99. I couldnt decide buy or run away… Buy won. Then I worried the whole day Monday and decided I’m going to return them. I spend too much money on clothes and shoes! I need to save my money so that I can eventually live off the fat of land and blog and sell vintage and all that mumbo jumbo I want to do down the line. And I don’t care what Matt says, I still want to buy a westfalia (eventually after I get a license)

Back to the shoes, I had to take a few pictures before I gave them up – which I’ve yet to do officially – so I got matt to snap a few shots last night. I also plan on buying those red Toms soon now that they are on the Little Burgundy site so I had to give up red shoes to get other red shoes. I think these pumps looked really cute with my all black ensemble (sad face).

This is my “I can’t believe you just took 20 close-up pictures of my chest Matt!” face. Actually no, that face had to be deleted as it was not at all flattering. My aunt gave me this purse for my birthday and I love it. I’ve been on a nautical kick for a while now and even though it’s black, not navy, I really love it. It looks so big that I could fit in it in the other picture but I swear, it’s not that huge, I’m just really short. It is pretty huge though, I can fit my lunch, extra pair of shoes, book, other random garbage and still have room for a small dog.

Another one of my obsessions – bows. I wore 2 yesterday, can you spot them? Where’s waldo??? I found this pin at the salvation army and haggled my way down to 1$. It was 50% off day so really I only haggled down to 2$ and it was half price. I just really wanted it and I hate hagglers at salvation army. I mean the money is all going to a good cause (right?).

So I’m blogging during my lunch hour because I really need to be productive (more productive) this evening. I must stop neglecting my etsy stuff. I have a whole bin of things that need to be listed!

Top – H&M
Pants – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Shoes – Steve Madden
Pin – thrifted
Bag – CK


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