As I was just browsing through random blogs today, I came accross a blog called Third and Delaware. Now if you know me well, you should know that I am a freakin huge Roseanne fan. When you combine fashion+Roseanne=awesomeness.

This amazing blog consists of “fashion highlights from every single episode of Roseanne”. What more do you need in life?

Here’s a little glimpse.


Jackie’s Little Red Dress

Jackie is PISSED.  She bought new pantyhose, she moussed her hair, she waited in her apartment for an hour and a half and BOOKER DIDN’T SHOW UP TO TAKE HER OUT!  She’s clearly gone through a lot of trouble to look this hot, she actually gave herself an up-do!  Jackie is no shrinking violet, though, as she barges into Roseanne’s house, trench coat flapping in her furious wake.  Her rage is as defined as her slim waist.  Booker is a damn fool.


Jackie’s Floral Shirt, Jean Jacket, Canvas Fisherman’s Bag, and Purple Corduroys

Roseanne must have had a hard time when Jackie was a baby.  Can you imagine being the not-as-pretty older sister?  You’re always left in the corner when distant relatives come over to coo at the new offspring.  You’re always standing beside her at the mall, trying not to be overshadowed by your little sister’s new floral shirt, jean jacket, canvas fisherman’s bag and purple corduroys.  You’re left there squinting, hoping against hope that that is in fact Crystal approaching from the other side of the water fountain.  Thank god someone else shows up to deflect Jackie’s magnetism.

Oh man it’s great. The jackie ones are the best. I want that red dress. I also want a date with Booker Brooks. Come on, young George Clooney, he was possibly the best part of season 1 of Roseanne.

These photos and text were taken from

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