note to self

Do not eat 1.5 donuts and a mini muffin between breakfast and lunch, you will not be able to eat that amazing tofu broccoli brussel sprout brown rice sesame dish you have for lunch.

 Funny thing about that statement is that 10 years ago, I would have refused to eat anything with a)broccoli b)brussel sprouts c)tofu d)brown rice e)no meat. Weird how things change. Also weird: 10 years ago I was 16. I don’t really feel a day older than 16. Well maybe a few days over 16 but not many. It doesn’t help that I LOOK 16.

Back to food, I remember my sister being in college and bringing a boy home to the farm and he was a vegetarian and my mom tricked me into eating tofu saying it was chicken. When I found out it wasnt chicken, I was so mad! Oh silly naive 14 year old me. Now I’m the one trying to trick others into eating healthy. The times, they are a-changing.

Tonight my sister and I are going to a Martini & Beading thing… I’m really not sure what’s in store for me but I’m sure the alcohol will make it fun one way or another! I shall take pictures, but I’m only bringing my point camera.

This week like every other week this spring is pretty busy. Tonight, I have the bead/martini thing. Tomorrow, some girls at work and I are attempting to recreate a vegetarian dish one of them had at a restaurant in Toronto. I will be documenting. It will be a fun story for the blog wether we fail horribly or succeed amazingly.

I have no photos for you so here are some hair inspirations for me.
9 days till my haircut.

source & source

I’m really in love with the top right picture. I need a blonde mohawk asap.


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