graffiti & sushi

Steph and I didnt end up going to the beading and martini event… due to some forgetting of wallet… minor details! So instead of showing up there half an hour late, we decided to just go to Sushi. (My idea, I wasnt even hungry but I’m always down for sushi and BYOW)

My sister nicely snapped some pictures for me with the gorgeous graffiti around her apartment. Oh the joys in living in a ghetto. (Steph don’t read that last word)

Tank top: F21 – Pants: Alfred Sung for Zellers – Sandals: Old Navy – jewelry: thrifted – Bag: Calvin Klein (gift)

How crazy are these? so vibrant! The colors are great.

These pants are the beige sisters to my black ones I wear all the time. I don’t wear these as much since they arent as easy to throw an outfit together with than the black ones. Plus despite the fact that they are the same size as the black ones, they feel bigger. I guess that’s what you get when you buy from Zellers.

We ended up sharing a bottle of rosé. (she likes white, I like red) and spent most of the night talking about vampires. Haha sad but true. We were one of those groups that you overhear and you think “oh my god, are they talking about sci-fi? they are soooo nerdy.” But we’re both a little obsessed with vampire novels and I was trying telling her how True Blood was sooo different from the books and how awesome they are and how she should read them.

These weren’t my favorite (the onion in the middle was way too overpowering) but very pretty to look at!

Thanks steph for the photos!

Tonight it’s dinner at my friends and tomorrow a big craft sale and then beerfest. Busy Busy Bee is Me!!



One thought on “graffiti & sushi

  1. First off, the photos look straight out of a magazine. daaaayum gurl. Secondly, I’m kind of obsessed with True Blood. The M thinks it’s weird and creepy but I was reading the books years ago.. even though I have quite the imagination, it’s also more visceral seeing the actors going through the gory/sexy motions. Not that I’m complaining mind you.. mmmmmmm eric.

    Can you send your private jet over to get me? I need a fun social weekend that doesn’t involve more moving. Please and thank you.

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