Craft fair

Mmmmm cupcakes

As I mentioned in my last post, my sister and I visited a craft fair yesterday. Although most of the things just don’t fit into my budget, it gave me a lot of good ideas to try for myself (if I ever have some free time).

I bought a brooch and my sister got some hair clips (both from the same table) and we each bought a 2$ cupcake. They were delish, I got vegan chocolate and peanut butter and steph got red velvet and cream cheese.

Steph’s hair clips. I want to steal them… or try to make them.

Now just because I didn’t buy much doesn’t mean there weren’t really nice things. I just couldn’t bring myself to spend 40$ on something I really could do myself if I wasn’t so lazy. They are all being added to my mental to do list.

I did pick up a bunch of business cards and snapped a few photos. I’d like to check out all these artists’ sites/blogs when I have a chance. It’s fun meeting bloggers from my city.

This girl from Nea Jewelry & Wall Wear had some very cute stuff!

This girl from This Ilk had some awesome stuff. Hand cut and died vintage lace that is then made into jewelry. I was impressed. I was in love with the earring she had on and I’m totally regretting not going back and picking them up.

There were some other booths with really cute stuff but I had only brought a limited amount of money.

Also, I added a new item to my etsy store. I know, just one? I have about 20 things waiting to be posted and sold. Well this is all you get for now!

Awwww my non fried hair! Wasn’t it perdy.


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