Nothing Special

Please accept this crappy stick person drawing

I have zilch to show you picture-wise today (and lets face it, we all like pictures more than words) so bare with me. I just cant go more than a day or 2 without posting… then I’ll get lazier and lazier. I have nothing in particular to talk about but I always have random things to talk about.

Last night I watched braveheart in the bedroom (again) as matt and his evil plastic machine(PS3) had taken over the living room tv when I got home from work. [That should be a movie, “braveheart in the bedroom” I’m sure it would do well] I will latch onto any excuse to watch braveheart, which I did while simultaneously going back and forth from room to room talking on msn, stalking people on facebook, making dinner.

I realised that my addiction to the internet is really really bad for me. I could easily do nothing but browse the internet from the time I get home to the time I go to bed. There are so many blogs I follow, so many blogs I discover on weekly basis. (and then when you find a new blog you love, you have months of old posts to skim through) And then I always end up back on stupid facebook when I can’t find anything else interesting to read about. Then I see that some person with nice hair wrote on someone I know’s wall so I have to go investigate that person and be a huge creeper. It gets a little out of hand when I’m looking at someone’s pictures that I’ve never met and lives in another country. Or stalking the girls I went to high school with that I’m not friends with – who all seem to have babies now. I just can’t help myself.

All this to say maybe I need to cut down. I can easily waste several hours on the stupid computer despite the fact I’m on a computer all day at work. My friend mentioned she has a no facebook on weekends rule which I think I will adopt. Then maybe I can eventually convince myself that I will lead a happier life without it. (Which is obviously true-facebook is just another form of high school)

I can’t stop following my blogs though, it’s not wrong to stalk strangers when they put themselves out there for all to read (right?) and they inspire me for my blog and things I want to do/see/eat/become. I can relate to a lot of the girls I read about.

Ok, here’s the plan. (and I really just made it up) I’m going to spend more time outside. Because not going on the internet and then filling that void sitting on the couch watching pointless tv is not getting anywhere. I’m going to try to walk/jog/rollerblde/go for drives every night (unless it’s pouring out) for atleast an hour. I get home around 6:45, I can be done cooking/eating by 7:30. Do soemthing outside the apt for an hour. back by 8:30, be on the computer for an hour, then get all my crap ready for the next day (picking out clothes/food, looking for my keys so that I don’t run around franticly in the AM).

Since I am really a disorganised organisation freak (yeah it’s confusing dont ask) maybe having a plan will help. I should also start making dinner plans for the week on the weekend so that im not rushing at night or eating frozen food.

Is anyone still paying attention now? (other than my mom) Okay so here’s another plan I came up with the other day. (actually it was this morning… ) I am going to try to incorporate something thrifted/vintage into every(or every 2nd?) outfit. This is especially hard when I am going to work since I don’t own many thrifted work clothes. Maybe I’ll just make sure there is atleast a thrifted accessory? we’ll see. Today I am wearing a thrifted high waist skirt I adore, I will try to get pictures ce soir.

I hate trying to start a blog reflecting my interest in vintage/used clothing and then all my outfit posts are clothes I bought at full price or were given to me as presents. (although really full price for me isn’t very expensive and often I buy things on sale so it still promotes being a broke fashionista right?) On that note, I just got a cheque from work for one of the classes im taking, let’s go shopping!!! Just kidding! I’m on a no buying online plan (with the exception of shoes for kelly’s wedding this summer, my red toms I want and maybe a few lil things here and there like books and creams and things) Any bets on how long this will last???

Wow I sure wrote a lot. Good luck with that bohemoth guys.

Less than 3 days till my haircut. YIKES STRIPES.
Here’s a lil picture for you which you’ve seen already but it is really becoming my inspiration for the hair. Maybe ill end up with a mohawk on Saturday? who knowsssss. (the shadow knows)

note to self – stock up on eyeliner and black nylons if you want to pull this off. Might need a shirt though…


2 thoughts on “Nothing Special

  1. ya, i gave up before the end of this post…probably your mom is the only one who read till the end…lol…i grazed though. i think braveheart in the bedroom sounds like some sort of historical porn. good idea for a movie em. love ya!

  2. Acutally I did read the whole thing. Nice post. I’ve been trying to stay more away from facebook as well. Its pretty easy to get wrapped up in these sorts of things…and forget the things outside…still I did just buy a 13 inch MacBook Pro…so I guess I can now take it with me where ever I go :P

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