Life is much too short to sit and wonder

Can you name that tune? I’d be impressed. It’s a good song.

Ok so outfit pictures. Oh Em Gee I know.

I took these with my remote and my camera strategically placed on the BBQ (my tripod officially died)  it was not an easy process trust me. I salvaged what I could from the pictures. I should be in a RayBan commercial, no?

I’m being good, I’ve worn at least one thrifted item today and yesterday. Tomorrow is casual Friday but Matt already went to bed which means I can’t rummage through my closet tonight. This means that I have to either mentally make an outfit or run around tomorrow morning. Only time will tell but I will do my best.

I think the trick to wearing vintage/thrifted to work is balance. Yesterday as you can see in these pictures, I wore a thrifted skirt I bought a few years ago and I matched it with this awesome blouse Matt’s mom gave me that I had fallen in love with.  I paired the 2 with some classic pumps. Other than the fact that I will inevitably end up eating spaghetti sauce on the day I wear this shirt and then not spill any but somehow end up getting chocolate on it anyways, I really liked this outfit.

Tomorrow is my last [full] day with long hair! As of Saturday 12:15 I will be chopping it all off, I cant wait, this hair is ‘driving me nuts’. (said with an Irish accent) But it will undoubtedly be a hard thing to get used to.

Top – TeenFlo
Skirt – Thrifted
Shoes – Feet First


3 thoughts on “Life is much too short to sit and wonder

  1. im so jealous your chopping your hurr off. I just found a photo I’m going to email you that, while not blonde, is along the lines your thinking I believe. I wanted that sassy pink/sarah harding cut for a long time but unfortunately I would end up looking like a bull dyke. which is not a look I want to pull off.

    ps.. I don’t want to burst your bubble, but I wasn’t very impressed with the latest sookie book.. I finished that, along with 3 of the newest Katie MacAlister books over the course of Monday and Tuesday and I obviously was way more rabid with the latter.

  2. I love the sexy, ladylikeness of this outfit!
    Not many people could pull off a bow blouse like that and you managed to give it some edge while you were at it.

    Love it, totally love it.

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