It would appear

that one mason jar of very potent mojito + 2 samosas (mmm) and a fruity cold tea = 110 lb sleepy girl an hour and a half later when she gets home.

Therefore, I am leaving you with this image of my drink that was more than enough for my little tiny body.

Tomorrow, I will put the picture I had originally promised from yesterday as well as some chop chop pictures.

I’m such a haircut tease aren’t I? oh yeah? well maybe you shall wait till Monday! noooo I’m way too impatient for that!

but for now, i need sleep.

p.s. there was a sidewalk sale on and I got an awesome necklace/bracelet that I will show another sober time. And I really wish I had my camera when I was there (which wasn’t long since steph practically dragged me away to the bar)!!! Hopefully tomorrow wont be rainy and I can get some good journalism? done for y’all. till then, over and out!


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