Sidewalk sale

Who doesn’t love a good sidewalk sale. We knew there would be one on St Laurent because of the Grand Prix and that is exactly where the salon is coincidentally. It was only a mini sidewalk sale since next week is the regular one so we headed over to the Mt Royal one which was ginormous.

Friday night on the way to the Distillerie for a 5 a 7 with steph I picked up an amazing necklace/bracelet at one of the tables and other than that, both days we went we only spent money on road food. Really it’s the best kind. Samosas, Chow mein, Spring rolls, Corn on the cob, Ice cream, BBQ chicken sandwich (for steph).

There was all kinds of stuff from shoe stores to thrift shops to pet shops and restaurants, food, clothing, art, you name it!

Oh and did I mention giant freaky pigeons? yup those were there too. We passed by these guys in time to see them dancing to a street performer’s music. I really enjoyed the music but those giant birds freaked the shit out of me.

It’s interesting when you live in or around a city for so long you take it for granted. Montreal is a crazy city, there are so many different styles, people, music, festivals, shows, parades that we are all so used to that we don’t really think about how great it is to have them at our fingertips.

I may be a country girl at heart but I am definitely lucky to experience all these things so close to home.


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