Nothing is new, I’ve seen her here before

This is an outfit from last week I never got around to editing and posting. I was/am trying to incorporate more thrifted items into my day to day wear so this was my second attempt at it. This was obviously before the drastic hair makeover.

Yesterday I wanted to fast forward to 5:00 because I really was not excited to have everyone at work react to my haircut. This was not improved when my boss decided to have the receptionist announce on the intercom that everyone should come see Emily in marketing’s new hair cut. Ohhhhh funnnnny people. I was surprised, I got pretty much all positive feedback. Everyone seemed to think it suited me very well and only a few people were sad I cut off my hair.

I have been letting my hair dry naturally and wavy but when I have more time to play with it, I will see how long it takes to blow dry and if it’s easy enough to do in the morning before work.

You can really tell when Matt takes my pictures, I am always smiling as opposed to my awkward photos.

Top – H&M
Blazer – TeenFlo
Pants – thrifted Zara
Shoes – Max Studio


One thought on “Nothing is new, I’ve seen her here before

  1. Me loves this.. BUT I want more photos of the new hurr. Stop being a tease.

    In other news, I’m proud of you for trying to incorporate thrifted items into your wardrobe. I found myself in Charlotte Russe last night and couldn’t resist a few pairs of stretch skinnies, some harem pants, and a maxi dress. Not gonna lie.. I felt a smidge guilty. I haven’t bought anything from a chain store in months. It’s not so much the slave labor that gets to me, but the WASTE. I see all this mass produced stuff, and feel guilty for aiding and abetting.

    In other news.. I need something drastic done to my hair. My face is not skinny enough to rock a short do, so I’m thinking of getting insane extensions.. that I will wear up most of the time due to the heat. smart right?

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