Home is wherever I’m with you

Obviously the day I wear my rain boots, there is no need for them and the day I decide not to, it pours!

As per your request (MERL) I made sure to get pictures of both sides of my head. It’s like I’m Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. I would guess the evil one is my shorter half shaved part.

At least I had my trusty 3$ thrifted umbrella! Isn’t this just the cutest red umbrella you’ve ever seen? I’ve been wanting a nice AFFORDABLE dome/bubble umbrella for a while now. The ones I fall in love with are on American or European sites and would cost an arm and leg with shipping. So this umbrella is my “bouche trou” (hole plugger? I don’t know to translate this… it’s a filler till I get a big clear one I can fit half my body in) but please don’t tell this umbrella.

Don’t be fooled by that innocent face folks, she’s evil.

This is probably the girliest outfit I will wear. This peachy-pink is the closest i will wear to pink. I think there’s a good balance with my hardcore haircut. Also, in case you didn’t notice, the gold(ish) necklace matches the gold buckles on my shoes! That’s what it’s all about folks.

Top – Alfred Sung for Zellers
Skirt – H&M (old)
Shoes – Feet First (I wear them a lot, they are comfy)
Necklace – thrifted via salvation army
Umbrella – thrifted via salvation army


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