tomato & asparagus pasta salad

I’ve decided to document my weekday lunches. Maybe this will motivate me like the daily outfits do with my wardrobe. As there are no restaurants walking distance from my office and I hardly ever have cash on hand to have food delivered, I have to pack a lunch 5 days a week and I usually only remember as I’m getting ready for bed.

I’m pretty good at figuring out how to make a meal from random things I find around the kitchen and since I became a vegetarian, I’m much less picky about what I eat. (that may sound weird to you meat eaters since I won’t eat 90% of the things you guys eat) I eat a lot of veggies I wouldnt touch with a 10 foot pole when I was 13 and I can easily be satisfied with a meal of rice and frozen veggies. I know, my glamourous life right?

Today I’m eating a  (very bland) pasta salad with cherry tomatoes, asparagus, parmesan, garlic, herbs and dijon mustard. Next time, MORE MUSTARD!

Photo from my lovely phone.


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