The extra F stands for something that is too vulgar for the blog.

How F-in cute is Hurley? I can’t get over it, he’s adorable and currently passed out on the couch between Matt and I.

These dirty looks are aimed at Matt as usual.

I blow dried my hair this morning and used the straightener. It turns out that 5-10 mins is NOT enough time for that after all. But since I’d rather sleep more than have perfect hair, that’ll do.

The other day, I was checking out Design Sponge and they have a category called Living In which you will love if you’ve ever wanted to live inside a movie. It makes me think I should get inspired by my favorite movies to put looks together.

This particular one is nothing special really. Ive been really craving bell bottoms lately and these fit the bill enough. I’ve always been obsessed with the 70s style, I have a pair of high waist bell bottoms I really need to hem (and do situps) so that I can wear them. It felt fitting to add a floral shirt to this look. And this one just so happens to have been thrifted!

Top – Thrifted
Jeans – Roxy
Jewelry – F21


One thought on “TFGIF

  1. Hi! Wow! You are absolutely adorable! I love your flirty short hair and that last pic of you smiling with your hands in the frame is so cute! These pants are pretty killer as well! Ahh, anyway I like this whole thing you have going on here!

    After reading your comment about your skin struggles on my blog I realized that we have SO much in common. I too had crazy terrible acne all over my body in high school, got on Birth control (but felt really funny about taking the pill just like you do) tried proactive and acutane and all that bs. it got worse so I tried lots of other shit that cost a lot of money, regular facials, extractions, you name it. Cutting sugar out has been my saving grace.

    Also, one side note: I gave up coffee years ago and noticed an improvement and drink earl gray with honey all day long too!! Oh and I use a tripod all the time unless noted! Yesterday was a tripod and a bale of hay.

    Finally, Again , I think you are absolutely beautiful.

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