Let me introduce you to my little friend…

As I had a relatively slow weekend, I don’t have much to show for pictures. I took a few with my sister’s camera at my mom’s bday dinner but alas, she is in Vegas (biatch) and I don’t have her memory card.

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a little while now but I didn’t want to just throw it in at the bottom of an outfit post. The reason I started my “style” blog AKA my “whatever pops in my head” blog was partially due to the awesome bloggers I found here and there. Today I want to introduce you all to them because they’re just so great. Just promise you will come back to my sad blog even after you start stalking them! Please stalk me too!

Carrie’s blog was one of the first I fell in love with. Her photos, her cute smile, her adorable feminine outfits. I spent way too much time reading all her old posts.  And she is so young! 19 I think? Makes me wish I had started a style blog 7 years ago.

You must go visit her blog and see  for yourself how freakin cute she is.

Clyde’s Rebirth
I haven’t been stalking Merl quite as long as some others but her blog isn’t just a place for her to be vain and show off her amazing wardrobe but she also uses it to vent about her road rage stories. Despite how gorgeous she is and how hillarious her pictures can be, you end up reading every last word she writes about how lazy she is, her cat’s constant shedding, getting stuck in the rain while hung over. I can’t get enough of her funny/angry stories. Plus we bond over our mutual love for Eric from the southern vampire series (also known as the books that true blood is based on). Did I mention she also designs custom  jewelry from vintage pieces and is possibly more sarcastic than me? True story.

Delightfully Tacky
Another blog that motivated me at the beginning. You cannot NOT love this one. So many great photoshoot backgrounds from good ol’ Alaska. Elizabeth takes most if not all of her pictures herself with the help of a tripod and timer. Her photos are never boring to look at with vivid colors (not just from her red hair). She just bought a winnebago and is planning a trip accross country (US) that she will document and she hopes to write a book about it when it’s done. I love her perseverance, she had a dream and she’s on her way to accomplish it. Reading her blog makes you want to accomplish all those dreams that may have sounded crazy.

Jeremy & Kathleen
This is a blog I instantly fell in love with. The layout, color scheme, the photos. This one is definite designer eye candy which is not surprising since Kathleen is in fact a designer. The reason I stalk these 2 love birds is because I feel I can relate so much. They eat organic/local, Kathleen is a veggie *(not sure about Jeremy) she is a graphic designer (ummm so am I incase you didnt know that…) she works from home with her cats (my dream job!! – minus the cats + a dog [however I wouldn’t say no to a few cats!]) and there is the sarcasm I love so much aswell.  This is a really fun blog to read since it incorporates a lot of aspects of their lives (what they wear, what they eat, K’s graphic design projects, their garden, etc).

This post is going to have to be continued another day because I didnt really think about how long this would take and since I’m on my lunch break, I should maybe go out and enjoy some sun!

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and I have a few more that I have to mention but that will have to be another day this week! Maybe some day I will get these lovelies to do an interview with me! Hmmm.

This is a 3 day work week for me, thank godddddd. That is what kept me from going banana’s with no coffee this morning. Did I mention I am givin up coffee and sugar? This seemed to have worked for Christina (who is another blogger I have to mention in my next post) and her skin problems so I am going to test it out. Plus sugar is bad y’all! Coffee though, I’ve had a love hate relationship with it… I give it up… then Tim Horton’s has a “roll up the rim to win” and I get hooked again! Doesnt help that I was putting two 18% creams and 2 sugars in those daily coffees…


3 thoughts on “Let me introduce you to my little friend…

  1. I love this post and your blog and started stalking you myself recently.
    (And I love your hair btw)
    I wanted to tell you that I gave up refined sugars a few months ago and now sub agave nectar in my coffee for sugar.
    It is all natural and can actually be subbed out for sugar in most cases.
    This girl could never have given up coffee entirely!

    Keep writing so I can keep reading!

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