She’s leaving home

As soon as the wash is done and dry, Matt and I are driving down to the townships. I will be staying with my parents and he will be going up to Ottawa Friday – Monday.

I will sadly be stuck with Dialup (oh joy) and since I really don’t feel like lugging my laptop on the bus trip back home (it is the heaviest laptop that exists… it shouldn’t even be called a damn lap top because it heats up so much, it leaves red marks on my lap. Stupid machine…. Where was I? Oh right. Since I will be far from photoshop (or anything remotely close) aswell as high speed internet, I might be MIA for a few days.

Don’t despair my friends, I will try to get some pictures up via my phone and it’s handy wordpress application. Oh technology, I hate you yet I love you.

Since I’m a little addicted to blogging I’m sure I will cave and blog in no time but bare with my 5MP phone pictures please!


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