Back to reality.

I had a nice 4 day weekend at my parents place. Thursday was Saint Jean Baptist, Quebec’s National Holiday for those who didn’t know. Also, a friend from Calgary was visiting so a bunch of people got together (every night is a party).

Thursday morning, I was woken up by my sister’s pain in the ass pug at 8 AM with her never ending supply of energy. Luckily my grumpy mood improved after a few cups of tea.

Snails are at the same time, gross, annoying and fascinating.

Everyone wanted to draw in the baby’s coloring book. It’s one of those books where you literally can’t color outside the lines (or on yourself).

What do you mean I should put down my beer while I take pictures?? Pshhh

We have the same camera? No way!

St Jean = fireworks! Unfortunately small town fireworks only last 2 minutes. haha. ok maybe 10? I’m being generous.

Luckily, when drinking 4% beer, one doesn’t easily get hung over the next day. (Or make a fool of herself)

“My midget” What a DIVA!

It was a really nice weekend and I am NOT excited to get up and go to work tomorrow. I have more photos to share with you from Friday and a really fun photo shoot I did.

Thank you friends for being so awesome and making my long weekend so much fun!

What I’m wearing:
Blazer – Teenflo
Striped top – Pure by Alfred Sung
Jeans – really old abercrombies
Shoes – Toms
Beer – Miller Lime


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