A case of the mondays.

Now, can someone really NOT have the Mondays on Mondays? I’m usually not excited to get up early and commute an hour and a half but I guess it’s not everyone who’s in that shitty situation. Yeah yeah, I know, it’s my own fault!

Back to work means back to making lunches and taking pictures of my food with my phone!

I made this UH-MA-ZING stirfry last night. I cannot take credit for the recipe, it’s from a recipe book from a veggie restaurant in Ottawa (The Green Door). Every time I go visit my friend, we try to go get lunch/dinner there and this stir fry is all I ever want.

You can’t imagine how simple it is… fried tofu, broccoli, carrots, green onions, peppers with a soy sauce, garlic and ginger sauce. That’s it! (plus a lil cornstarch/arrowroot to thicken the sauce). Honestly guys, it’s awesome. Last night I planned to make enough for 3 meals but after I finished dinner, I kept picking at the rest in the wok and barely had enough for my lunch today! And now I’m having trouble breathing because I shoved my lunch down my throat at an unreasonable speed! (don’t worry, it will pass hahaha)


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