Life is Life (na na na na na)

On Friday, I got my awesome mother to help me out with a photoshoot by the train tracks.

Being in the country is so fun for taking outfit pictures. I wish I had done more of that this weekend rather than partying and being lazy. Wait no. I do wish I had more fun photos like these though in different locations.

We had sooo many pictures, it was hard to pick the best ones.

I knew this outfit would be perfect for this spot, I liked the combination of girlie and nature. (Yeah I know, that was so poetic…)

The skirts I own are all knee length work skirts so I had been on the hunt for something vintage/high waisted that I could easily shorten. (read that my mom could easily shorten) I found this bad boy (bad girl?) at the Salvation army for a few measly dollars and snatched it right up. I got my mom to shorten it and take it in a little and voila!

Then we went to giant tiger and I found this tank top for $2.96! I immediately changed when I got home and threw on some neutral sandals and a long necklace. SHAZAM! My new favorite summer weekend outfit. (those sandals will most likely be switched out for heels)

Thank you so much to my patient mom for taking 5 billion pictures!

So it turns out jumping shots (that I see EVERYWHERE) are really not easy. If there is a trick to not feeling/looking like a twit, please enlighten me. A few beers beforehand maybe? Damn I drank AFTER the photoshoot. I’ll know better next time!

I’ve got a few more pictures from Friday night, you know the usual, drinking sangria at the skate park… (yeah I know, I WISH that was my usual Friday night) so I am really milking my weekend pictures… 3 posts!

What I wore:
Tank top – Giant Tiger (3$)
Skirt – Salvation Army (3$)
Necklace – Salvation Army (2.50$)
Sandals – Zara from 2 years ago


8 thoughts on “Life is Life (na na na na na)

  1. ooooh! these are fabulous. really, you look beautiful. and your mom did a great job. cheers to cool moms. :)

    and no, you didn’t wb yet, but that’s okay…i know you will sooner or later.

  2. Cute summer outfit! And I love the train track shots… though I always feel like a stupid kid risking my life for some fashion shots when I go on the railroad…

  3. twinsies!! obviously great minds think alike.

    I’m sorry I didn’t plan my giveaway around you.. turns out the winner isn’t even going to buy anything from my shop, despite the 40% discount. Kinda [read: extremely] upset about that, but I didn’t make it a requisite so lesson learned. I just wanted to do something quick to promote the shop. Next time I’ll make it for a longer period so more people can enter.

    I’m loving this outfit. it looks even sassier with the hurr. you make me want to chop all my hair off. I want to see you rock the hawk. right MEOW. kisses.

  4. Ohhhhhhhhh Giant Tiger. That’s a steal! The only things I’ve ever found there are, like, low-rent lazer pointer keychains.

    Just found the blog btw. I dig it. Especially your photos :D

  5. These are just fantastic – I’m always so envious of people who have such wonderful backdrops for their photos! I love the skirt too – so sweet!

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