Better late than never?

Ok I’m pulling a Merl. I need to vent and there will be unrelated images to keep you entertained.

Sorry folks, I’m not on the ball this week. Yesterday was the longest day ever. I wasnt having such a great day already then I had to leave work 20 mins early just to make it to my night class in time. Then after the FIVE HOUR class. (no computers, just a chalkboard and an overly chatty teacher.

And on the topic of my teacher, I’ve already had him for 3 of my photoshop classes (this is a camera 1 class) so I know him pretty well. When it was time to go around the class and talk about who we were and what we did etc. I said I was a graphic designer and that I was getting more and more into photo editing with the more photoshop classes I took. This was only partial sucking up, it’s actually true.

LOVE this girl!

Let me first say I really like my teacher (despite the fact that he TALKSSSSSSSSSS past the end of the class) But then he goes on to compare graphic designer to photographer. He said that people dont go around saying “Hey I’m a graphic designer” with pride, but they do when they are a photographer. (Ummm what? Not true) Despite the fact I wanted to argue my ass off, there WAS a class full of complete strangers so I held back. And when I had said that I almost did photography out of high school but didnt because I wanted a financially secure job, he compared graphic design and photography again. But you cant say that you start a graphic design job at 10$ an hour and that photo editing starts at 25$ an hour and that you go up to hundreds. But any job, you have to start from the bottom. I’m sure there are a lot of photo editors who needed a job and settled for 10$ an hour. I do some photo editing at work, and I don’t make much more than 10$ an hour.

I can’t say no to fresh baked banana chocolate chip muffins in the wee hours of the morning. Thanks P!

He was really starting to frustrate me. When he started to talk about ads from magazines with some examples, I really had to hold myself back from saying that that was graphic design. The photographer gets told what he needs to photograph and the graphic designer is the one who puts the ad together and sometimes comes up with all the clever text. Accorind to my teacher, if it has text, it’s graphic design. Righttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

Ok now that I’m done complaining about my teacher (for now) I’ll get back to complaining about my long day.

At 10:47, (class ends at 10:45PM) I start to inch towards the front door while my teacher is STILL talking and he eventually says goodbye. I walk briskly the 15 mins to my bus while sifting through my stuff trying to find my stupid bus pass. Turns out it decided to run away. Maybe the 5 hour class was too much for it? Nevertheless, I keep heading to my destination. When I get to the bus (I missed the one I was aiming for so I had to wait another 15 mins) and I had the 3$ in change to pay for the stupid bus. Unfortunately in my part of the city, (technically right out of the city) if you need to transfer buses and are paying with cash, you have to pay each time you transfer! So I paid my stupid only 3$ I had, and then had to walk the rest of the way (20 mins-at midnight!) I got home right after midnight in a really FABULOUS mood.

Great story right? This is going to go on for the next 7 weeks, every Wednesday so be warned, there will be more bitching!

Now these photos are to show you how last week I did a lil something different with my hair. I’m starting to get bored with this cut. It takes too much time to straighten it, and when I leave it wavy, there’s always a few parts that frustrate me. Whine Whine Whine. Anyhoo, this do I did last friday was really fun so I wanted to show you all some pictias.

Also, headed to a huge garage sale (this picture is only about 1/8 of it) where I picked up an old vintage leather duffle bag for 1.50$, a super cute jumper/t-shirt combo for $5, one of those 3-tier kitchen hanging baskets (like this) for 1.50$.


2 thoughts on “Better late than never?

  1. First off, your hair is bangin’. Keep it.

    Second… I can see where your teacher is coming from. It’s hard to say “I’m a graphic designer” with pride because most people don’t know what that means. But most people have taken a picture and do know what it is to be a photographer – so it’s easier to be a photographer and have confidence that the rest of the world knows what it is that you do for a living.

    Beyond that, I have a problem calling myself a “graphic designer” because I do a lot more than design graphics. I art direct said photographers, concept full campaigns across various media, style wardrobe, craft typography (which is so much more than just ‘text’) and occasionally will write copy.

    But I digress…

    My final point to this long-winded comment is that most teachers, no matter how fabulous, are out of touch with the real world. It’s not to say that they don’t have value – because they absolutely do. They just sometimes get caught up and spout off like the rest of us without taking into consideration grey areas and the big picture.

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